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Stories you won’t believe!

This will be the section where you can come and get a good laugh!  There are so many facets of real estate life that I’ve come across and so many different personalities over the years.  I really wish I would have taken better notes from some of these experiences!

It’s always a delight to find little surprises when I’m out showing a home…

Thank god I love animals!   Haha!

Sometimes people have a different definition of “updated”…

image1 (1)

You never know what you’ll see while showing houses!!


When you are showing homes to your clients, you never know what you’re going to find!  Even Margaritaville!


My client texted to me, “Gina, Would you mind very much taking the mezuzah off the front door frame and saving for me?”  I learn something new every day!

In case you didn’t know either, a mezuzah is a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith.

image1 (2)

To give you a better idea of some of the things I deal with on a day to day basis, I recently showed up at a property to show it to a potential buyer.  The owner stepped out of the bathroom and said this to me: “Don’t show that bathroom, I had a major bowel movement and I had to turn off the water because the toilet started to overflow. And, it smells.”  What, pray tell am I supposed to do with that?!

Sometimes I come across very interesting things in homes.  And many times I can’t explain them.  Any ideas on this one?  Caption this! >>>>

image1 (3)

Keep coming back as I get my juices flowing I will be sharing more!

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