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The many hats I wear as a Realtor…

From babysitting…to dog walking…to making your bed…I’ve done it all as a Realtor!

-Removing junk from a home via 1-800-Got Junk

-Dealing with emotional sales >> Sellers grew up in their homes that they had a difficult time selling, even when they had an excellent offer!

-Young love!  A newly engaged couple selling her condo so they can buy something together.  Bonus: I work with him in the service industry where he is in contact with hundreds of Realtors and he chose me to sell his fiance’s condo!  So honored and humbled!

-Getting to know people and how they met if they’re a couple, where they are from, connecting with them and building lifelong friendships!

-Having the honor of a client sticking it out with me!  The longest listing I had sold in 2018 after three years on the market.  My clients never wavered on changing Realtors, they never blamed me (we are often the first to blame)! We finally found the perfect family and they even got a decent price they were happy with!  This called for celebration!  I bought myself something special after this closing!

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